Where can I find free samples for FL Studio?


  1. Where can I find free samples for FL Studio?
  2. Are sample packs royalty-free?
  3. How do I get samples into FL Studio?
  4. How do I get more FL Studio packs?
  5. Can I trust Cymatics?
  6. Is FL Studio 100% free?
  7. Can you get sued for sampling?
  8. Can I use pirated sample packs?
  9. Are FL Studio samples royalty free?
  10. Does FL Studio come with samples?
  11. Does FL Studio have free upgrades?
  12. Can I use Cymatics samples for free?
  13. Is Cymatics a real science?
  14. Is FL Studio free forever?
  15. Is FL Studio free trial forever?

Where can I find free samples for FL Studio?

  • EDMProd Free Sample Packs
    • EDM Starter Kit
    • Analog Sample Pack
    • Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack
    • Foley Sample Pack
  • Before You Keep Going
  • SampleRadar
  • Samplephonics
  • BassGorilla
  • ModeAudio
  • SoundPacks.com
  • WA Production
  • SampleSwap
  • Freesound.org
  • Stranjah Free Sample Pack
  • Reddit Free Sample Packs Subreddits
  • Legowelt Free Sample Packs
  • Sound 7
  • Echo Sound Works
  • The Pro Audio Files
  • NASA Sound Library
  • Bedroom Producers Blog
  • Prrrrrrr Records Free Sample Packs
  • Vintage Drum Samples by Autodafe
  • Lex Luger Drum Kit
  • Samples From Mars
  • Neurohop Forum Free Packs
  • Night Owl Collective Free Packs
  • Gratis by That Sound
  • Jonas Aden Free Packs
  • BBC Sound FX Library
  • Voclr.it
  • Diode Eins “Hymenoptera” Techno Pack
  • Looking for Killer Vocal Samples?
  • Need More Free Stuff?

You better believe it – we have free samples which you can pick up right here, right now.

Now I know you’ve probably downloaded some of our packs already, and you’re armed, ready to get a whole bunch more.

But I want to talk for a second about the importance of not having too many samples. Because with services like Splice Sounds, this list of free samples and a whole lot more, you can get caught up in collecting packs and not making much music.

It’s why inside our EDM Foundations course, we only give you a curated selection of samples.

Possibly the first free samples I ever downloaded came from MusicRadar’s sister resource – SampleRadar.

This ever-growing haven of free sounds will give you enough material to work with for a lifetime – curated into themed packs so you’re not wasting time sifting through irrelevant samples.

Browse the list of 68,445 samples

The makers of the sample subscription service Noiiz also have a bunch of free sounds you can grab on their website. They vary from trap, to D&B, and to tropical bass.

You do have to make an account, but you don’t have to pay a subscription – just an email.

Check the sample packs out here

Known for its great tutorials and resources, BassGorilla has a whole section on its website dedicated to free samples. Grab sounds from prolific artists like Koan Sound and MakO.

Check out their list of packs here

Long-time friends of the EDMProd team, ModeAudio, have a great selection of sounds available when you sign up for their email list. £84 and 800MB worth of samples for free, to be exact.

This is split across 5 packs from granular FX to chill electronic loops, with a few massive presets thrown in too. Not a bad deal at all.

Sign up and get sounds here

Are sample packs royalty-free?

Totale grootte: 850 MB

Roland Cloud Sample Packs zijn sublieme collecties royalty-vrije WAV-bestanden voor op samples gebaseerde muziekproducties. Elke Sample Pack is samengesteld door top sound designers en richt zich op een specifiek genre. Elke Sample Pack bevat een verscheidenheid aan muzikale frase loops, drumloops en one-shot samples om ideeën op te doen en snel professionele tracks mee te bouwen.

How do I get samples into FL Studio?

Go ahead and load the Sampler into the Channel rack. It will be under the Sampler category.

The Sampler has a very simple interface with a section at the bottom that says Drop Sample Here. We can drop any audio recording from FL or from the computer’s file browser into this area.

How do I get more FL Studio packs?

Now, when you install a new AU or VST plugin, it will typically prompt you to send it to one of the following locations;

In your C: drive under program files, it might either go to the Steinberg folder or the vstplugins folder.

It could be in the same folders under program files (x86) too.

Can I trust Cymatics?

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Is FL Studio 100% free?

Not everything: Sometimes we develop new software synthesizers or effects and offer them as optional add-on purchases. You will notice, from the feature comparison, different versions of FL Studio have different core features and plugin bundles.

You will get your edition of FL Studio, and the plugins included at the time of purchase, updated free for the life of the product/s. We may add new core features free to your FL Studio version and plugins for free too (example). So there's always plenty of new stuff to enjoy.

Can you get sued for sampling?

Stop what you’re doing, hands off the MPC and close that dodgy YouTube converter! Sampling is an artform but is it a crime? We’re here to set the record straight:

Am I breaking the law?

Can I use pirated sample packs?

Composer Mistake: Why I DON'T PIRATE Sample Libraries (and YOU shouldn't either)

Kevin Kuschel

Are FL Studio samples royalty free?

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Does FL Studio come with samples?

For FL Studio itself, there is no difference between the boxed and online (downloaded) versions. 

This applies to FL Studio Fire, Fruity, Producer, Signature Bundle. See these editions compared here.

Does FL Studio have free upgrades?

What do you guys think of lifetime free updates?

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea, but I'm worried I haven't given Image-Line any money—literally $0.00—since I bought FL almost 7 years ago. Under the current licensing scheme, the only money they are ever going to make from me is if they happen to release some seriously kick-ass plugin. The problem is, there are already hundreds of companies making kick-ass plugins. I could buy their new plugins to support the company, as a courtesy, but then I'd be sending them the wrong message, since I'm interested in the DAW, not more plugins.

Can I use Cymatics samples for free?

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Is Cymatics a real science?

Sound can be visible. What’s more, sound can draw exquisite, regular patterns on a physical surface.

If you ever tried playing on a wine glass or tracing squeaky circles along the rim of a thin champagne flute at a boring (albeit boozy) party, you have officially passed one of the most impressive physics courses there is. What is so incredible about playing with glass (except the spectacular sound effects, of course)?

Is FL Studio free forever?

Our trial installers don't have a time limitation. Use them for as long as you like.

We don't require you to register or create an account to download and test our software.

Is FL Studio free trial forever?

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